Rio de Janeiro

in Brazil,South America

rio corcovadoRio de Janeiro is a massive city that’s full of life, with Carnival, amazing beaches, great food, and brilliant parties. It’s a backpacker paradise and it’s worth staying for a while to get a taste of this great city. Getting to Rio de Janeiro is a fairly straightforward task, most of the major carriers from the North America, Europe, and South America fly direct. Prices vary but if you go in between the seasons, fall being the best, you can usually make out with flight tickets half the price of what you’d normally find.


One of the most famous beaches in the world, the Copacabana is a place not to be missed by backpackers. Sure there are other more isolated but just as beautiful beaches in Rio, but the Copacabana is a site that is worth seeing at least once. While you’re there you might as well stay and get a tan, then get ready to head to some of the other districts in Rio.

Hostels In The Area

These are two excellent hostels near the Copacabana. You can make reservations using


In Rio you can find plenty of Brazilian steakhouses although the street food is a quarter of the price and just as tasty, visit the world’s largest football (soccer) stadium, and stop by countless churches and museums for endless photo opportunities.

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