Backpacking In South Africa

south african wildlife thumbnai

Africa in general tends to get a bad rap with travelers as it’s seen as being entirely dangerous, lawless, or impossible to navigate. South Africa is just one of the best places to backpack in Africa, which is full of possibilities. You can go on safari, enjoy Johannesburg, or head to the beautiful beaches of […]

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Backpacking In Ireland

kylemore abbey thumbnail

Dublin is perhaps one of the best cities to backpack in terms of ease of travel, the size of the city, and the nightlife. Ireland in general is a easy to travel around, and getting to Cork or the west part of the island is easy and relatively cheap. Hostels vary and prices start from […]

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Backpacking In England

palace of westminster london thumbnail

Much like the rest of Europe, backpacking in England is easy due to its good public transportation system, plentiful hostels, and low crime rate. Backpackers from the US will find England particularly easy to visit based on the simple fact that it’s an English speaking society. England also shares many cultural similarities with the United […]

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Backpacking In Germany

been in germany

Germany is a delightful place to backpack, one of the most modern countries in the world, with an excellent public transportation system, and low crime rate. You can travel throughout Germany with ease and it’s especially a good place to travel if the only language you speak is English. Germany is expensive though so you’re […]

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Backpacking In The Czech Republic

prague at night

If you were hoping to make it to the Czech Republic to enjoy the low prices, you should try to plan your backpacking trip before 2013. That’s the expected date of Euro adoption and consequently when prices should see a dramatic increase. The Czech Republic, more expensive than many other eastern European countries it borders, […]

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Backpacking In New Zealand

fiordland park thumbnail

Like it’s larger neighbor to the west, New Zealand is one of the premier places in the world to backpack. New Zealand shares many of the advantages of backpacking in Australia – it’s got a variety of environments across its territory, has and excellent public transportation system, and is safe. There isn’t much traffic and […]

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Backpacking In Australia

koala bear thumbnail

Australia is an entire continent that is one of the best places in the world to backpack. Australia has a variety of environments, climates, and terrains within its border. Australia is loaded with unique wildlife that has evolved in isolation on the large island. Being a modern industrialized nation, Australia is easy to navigate and […]

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Backpacking In Thailand

sukhothai thumbnail

Thailand is a hot destination for backpackers and not just because of the weather. Thailand features a very active expat and backpacker community and is one of the most popular backpacking destinations outside of Western Europe. Flying to Thailand generally costs more than other destinations, particularly if you’re flying from the US, but once you’re […]

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czech lion thumbnail

The Czech Republic, in particular the city of Prague, has quickly become one of the premier backpacking destinations in the world. It’s less expensive than the rest of Europe but relatively close to cities that make for great combination trips, Krakow-Prague-Budapest-Munich, has an excellent public transportation system, and is a great mix of history, great […]

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phuket beach thumbnail

Phuket is Thailand’s tourist beach, crowded, and expensive compared to other parts of the country. Most backpackers, use included, will tell you there are many other beaches where you won’t pay as much, are just as scenic, and with half the crowds. That all said, Phuket can be an enjoyable place and if you’re new […]

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Rio de Janeiro

rio corcovado thumbnail

Rio de Janeiro is a massive city that’s full of life, with Carnival, amazing beaches, great food, and brilliant parties. It’s a backpacker paradise and it’s worth staying for a while to get a taste of this great city. Getting to Rio de Janeiro is a fairly straightforward task, most of the major carriers from […]

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boracay sunset

One of the most popular destinations in the Philippines, Boracay is a small resort island south of the capitol Manila. Travel to the island from Manila is usually by one of the smaller local low fare carriers, which fly to a larger island right next to Boracay. Once you land at the small airport there […]

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Backpacking Spots In Brazil

backpacking spots in brazil

Planning a backpacking trip through Brazil can be intimidating and exhilarating all at the same time. Brazil is a vast and unique country, specifically the 5th largest country in the world, that has many sights, sounds, and tastes to offer the curious traveler. When to Go When you should plan to travel throughout Brazil depends […]

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