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England is a popular destination for backpackers with an extensive public transportation system and numerous hostels. As with much of the rest of western Europe, England is a relatively safe country for travelers and offers much interesting history in each of its vibrant cities, from London to Liverpool.

Getting to England is easy, as it is part of the European Union and London’s Heathrow Airport is a major international hub. Flying from the US or elsewhere in Europe is usually inexpensive. A tourist visa for Americans allows you to stay in the country for 3 months, and a mere stamp in your passport upon entry acts as your visa.

England is teeming with affordable hostels, but it is also one of the best places to couch surf, with more options to do so than any other country.


tagine in marrakesh moroccoMorocco is regaining the popularity it had in latter part of the 20th century for backpackers looking to travel to Africa. At the crossroads of several civilizations and cultures, Morocco offers a change of pace from its European neighbors across the Mediterranean, but a similar comfort in its accommodations and domestic travel. A mere boat ride from Spain across the Gibraltar Strait, Morocco is easily accessible from Europe.

Visas are relatively easy to obtain in order to visit Morocco, but if you are a citizen of the US, EU, or one of many other countries, then you won’t need to plan ahead for a visa. You can obtain permission to enter the country at the airport. Hostels and hotels are also easily booked online before you get there.

Morocco has an extensive taxi and train transport system that is also cheap. Shared taxis and trains are the best way to get from city to city, while regular taxis are an efficient way to travel within a city. The Atlantic coasts of Agadir are popular with surfers while Fes and Chefchaouen offer a rich culture and history.


Australia, like England and Morocco, offers a plethora of opportunities to an eager backpacker. A massive continent that has varying climates, cultures, and cities, Australia provides an escape for beach-goers and hikers alike.

Due to its location however, Australia is neither cheap nor easy to get to. Once there, it’s advised that you invest in an Austrail pass, which gives you unlimited access to the entire country by rail for 6 months. The pass costs about $900 Australian dollars, but there are other rail options if you are planning on staying on a certain region of the country. Because of the sheer mass of the country, you should keep in mind where it is you are planning to go and allot enough time for yourself to do so.

Backpacking In England

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Much like the rest of Europe, backpacking in England is easy due to its good public transportation system, plentiful hostels, and low crime rate. Backpackers from the US will find England particularly easy to visit based on the simple fact that it’s an English speaking society. England also shares many cultural similarities with the United […]

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